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Convert Magnet Links To Direct Download Links Using Seedr LINK

The biggest difference between magnet URI and URL is the way they identify resources. A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) will indicate a protocol, a hostname, and a file name to show the particular location of the resource. On the contrary, a magnet link will identify the resources by information like metadata and hash code but not the location. In other words, you can download files from the URL directly through the browser while using magnet link to download files may need to use a torrent client.

Convert Magnet links to Direct Download links using Seedr

Another difference between these two URIs is that you could use URLs to transfer and download files through all the ISPs (Internet Service Providers). But the P2P (Peer to Peer) magnet link may sometimes get lower bandwidth from ISPs which means you may not be able to download files from magnet links in some areas like schools or offices.

If you are going to convert magnet to URL in order to download files more conveniently, here we sort out 2 great ways to help you convert magnet URI to URL without installing anything. You could also use these ways to convert magnet link to direct download link easily.

These two ways are serving with different easy-to-use websites. The first solution can help you convert between magnet link and URL through a Chrome extension of Seedr. And the second solution, based on a magnet link to URL converter, can not only help you to accomplish conversion between magnet link and URL but also help you directly download the magnet link to your cloud.

MultCloud is not only a magnet link to URL converter but a free multiple cloud storage manager. It can combine all your cloud drives together in a single web interface for better cloud file management. You could use Cloud Transfer, Cloud Sync, Cloud Backup, and Tram Transfer to transfer, sync, or backup data across clouds without switching accounts. MultCloud also offers you some basic cloud built-in functions like share, upload, download, copy, cut, rename, and preview.

To solve the problem of how to convert magnet links to URLs online, you could use a unique function of MultCloud called Remoter Upload. This is another way to convert magnet URI to URL by letting MultCloud remote upload magnet links to your cloud drive.

This simple operation can be done through MultCloud instead of your network, which means you could convert magnet link to direct link through your cloud. In this way, you can copy the converted URL as long as you can enter your cloud drive in anywhere at any time.

Besides, you could use these two ways to download torrent without a client via the Remote Upload function of MultCloud as well. And if you want to share the converted URL from your clouds to friends, using one of the three sharing modes in MultCloud such as Public Share, Private Share, and Source Share would be your best choice.

A typical link or direct download link points you to a certain file by telling you the direct address of the shared file. A magnet link, on the other hand, it rather contains the information and hash value about the shared file instead of its location.

However, as soon as you convert your magnet link to a direct download link, you are able to download the files through the magnet link directly to your computer without any bandwidth limit. Because the ISPs will not set bandwidth on direct download links.

Since the P2P connections are commonly based on computer servers, it may be hard for you to download from magnet link directly to your mobile devices. Luckily, you are able to convert a magnet link to a direct download link online and then download files from the direct link to your mobile devices with ease.

However, in order to convert the magnet URL to direct download, MultCloud offers you a special function called Remote Upload which can upload files from Torrents, magnet link or other URLs to the cloud you want without basing on your network and taking up the local storage of your devices.

Then you are able to download the files from your clouds to your computer to your mobile devices. Or you can share the files from your clouds through direct links to your friends with 3 different useful sharing modes like Public Share, Private Share and Source Share.

As a simple but functional website service, TorrentSafe allows you to download torrents or magnet URLs more quickly than using traditional torrent clients. You could download magnet links through it without registration and logging in. Torrent Safe will first download the files from your magnet link to itself and then let you download the files to your devices. After that, the files will be automatically deleted from the Torrent Safe.

Seedr helps you to download files from magnet links and Torrents at anytime, anywhere, and on any device with an internet connection. It gives you 2GB space initially to store the downloaded files from URLs and unlimited bandwidth as well. In a free plan, you can add one file at one time, the second file will be added after the first file collects seeds and is ready to download.

The 3 excellent tools illustrated above can already fix the problem about how to convert magnet link to direct download link free online in order to download files from the magnet link in a quick but secure way. 350c69d7ab


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