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Hor Taew Tak 2

Well, writer and director Poj Arnon is at it again with "Hor taew tak 4". And luckily then this 2012 movie is a step up from the previous 2011 movie "Hor taew tak 3", but not quite up to the level of the 2009 "Hor taew tak 2" movie.The storyline told in "Hor taew tak 4" is getting back on track, and there was a significant more amount of comedy and funny situations in this 2012 movie than in the predecessor. So that was a major plus for the movie, and a step in the right direction. I enjoyed the story told in "Hor taew tak 4", as written by Poj Arnon.And of course it was great to have much of the original cast return to reprise their roles and characters in this 2012 slapstick comedy. I have to say that characters like the ones seen in this franchise are colorful, likeable and mostly only seen in Thai cinema. Of course, it can be a matter of personal preference, whether or not you like such individuals or not.I was genuinely entertained by the 2012 movie "Hor taew tak 4", so writer and director Poj Arnon is bringing the franchise back on track.My rating of "Hor taew tak 4" lands on a five out of ten stars.

Hor Taew Tak 2

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